Best Practices and Automation Strategies for REST API Testing


Testing APIs can often get highly technical, consuming valuable time as you navigate learning curves and resolve any testing issues that arise.

In this webinar, Sowmya, a product quality leader and Engineering Manager-Quality at Lytho will guide you through the intricacies of API testing you have never come across before

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What's in the video:

  • Sowmya's fascinating journey and how she stumbled upon APIs and API testing
  • Why is API testing important?
  • Nuances of APIs and API testing for a test engineer
  • API Test Lifecycle Management & Key Practices
  • API Test Automation using Testsigma
  • Q&A

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Sowmya Sridharmurthy, SDET Manager, Lytho

Meet the speaker

Sowmya goes by the handle, Someoooww. Purpose driven product quality leader with extensive experience (14+ years) in driving product quality from inception to delivery, she firmly believes in the "fail early, fail often" mindset.

Sowmya stays connected with the community and shares her insights through talks, infographics and blogs. Sowmya likes to adhere to schedules, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in her endeavours.

Often on warm Friday afternoons, she can be found daydreaming about heading out for the weekend to bask in the sun on beautiful beaches.

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