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A Tester's Guide to CI/CD as an Automated Quality Control System with Alex Pshe

Discover Alex's step-by-step algorithm for building a fully automated quality control system, delivering continuous feedback and determines if your project is ready for production rollout based on quality metrics.

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We all know about the importance of automatically deploying applications to production, but do we know how to build a fully automated quality control system that continuously provides feedback on the application's state and determines whether it is ready for production rollout based on quality metrics?


  • The philosophy of CI/CD through the eyes of a tester - how we can use an automatic metric control system
    and make decisions based on these metrics
  • The Algorithm for building a pipeline based on test metrics and the fail-first approach
  • Types of pipelines by triggers and how to use them for testing purposes
  • Key criteria for an effective pipeline
  • How a typical pipeline looks with quality gates in place

Alex Pshe
SDET @ JetBrains

Meet The Speaker

I'm Alex, an expert in test automation and building a career in IT. My background includes complex custom applications in banks, establishing a testing department for static analysis tools, and desktop testing of IDE for QA. I love identifying patterns, so I often discuss effective ways to solve various problems. This helps people, so follow me on social media where you'll find many life hacks on career development and testing.

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