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Ensuring a Seamless Continuous Testing and Delivery Pipeline

Join our upcoming webinar with Akshay Maldhure for actionable insights on integrating automated testing, prioritizing best practices, and overcoming challenges in your CI/CD processes.


14 DEC, 2023
7:00 PM IST


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  • DevTestOps - a brief introduction

  • How to maximize the effectiveness of automated testing in a CI pipeline

  • Prepare for challenges in your CI/CD processes before the holidays

  • How to measure success? And the impact of improvements

  • Specific tools to enhance DevTestOps practices for a smoother workflow

  • And finally, a checklist for testers gearing up for the holiday season

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Meet The Speaker

Akshay Maldhure, currently working as a Senior SDET in Gojek, is a seasoned Test Engineer. He brings over a decade of experience in building result-oriented software testing and tooling systems. His expertise is supported by effective DevTestOps processes that significantly enhance developer efficiency and streamline the overall software delivery process and timeline. He is a fan of testing, tooling, and automation in general. As he puts it, "The always exploring and learning," attitude, is what drives him forward.

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