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Pivot to a Mobile-first strategy

How to Leverage Test Automation to Accelerate testing.

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About the webinar

From a web-first company in 2015, La Redoute became an app-first company in 2020, with a unified experience across devices.

How did they make it possible? What were the challenges they faced? What was the QA strategy that made the transition easy and maintained the standards of quality?


Key takeaways from the session include:



Insights on how to keep your testing strategy aligned with the changing business needs.



Interesting details on how the business and testing transformed from web-first to app-first.



Practical tips on creating a test automation strategy for an app-first business



Antoine Craske

Director of Technology Transformation

La Redoute

Meet the speaker

Antoine Craske is the Director of Technology Transformation at La Redoute. He is passionate about digital, architecture, and transformation with more than ten years of experience in the software industry in different positions as an engineer, project director, engineering director, IT transformation, management, and architecture.

Antoine is also the founder of QE Unit, the Quality Engineering community, and atale.io, and is the co-founder of the architecture community Archilocus. He is also a prolific meetup organizer within the testing community TICE. Leiria, AKUG.PT and Ministry of Testing Leiria are just a few meetups Antoine organizes.