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Maximize Test Coverage with Data-Driven Automation  

Discover the secret to faster, seamless data-driven testing with Testsigma. Join our webinar and learn how you to improve your test coverage.


28 MARCH, 2024
2:00 PM UTC


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The pressure for faster releases and higher quality has been a constant in the QA realm. Data-driven testing steps in to efficiently execute diverse test scenarios with varying data inputs, improving the coverage and speeding up testing cycles.

Gear up for an exciting webinar on how Testsigma empowers QA teams to seamlessly implement data-driven testing. We'll dive deep into the principles and practices of data-driven testing such as parameterizing tests, creating and importing test data, etc. to maximize your test coverage


  • Introduction to data-driven testing
  • Challenges in efficiently managing test data
  • Parameterizing tests in Testsigma
  • Generating random data such as phone numbers, names, etc.
  • Adding or importing test data directly into Testsigma
  • Q&A

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