Testsigma’s New Age Approach to Salesforce Testing

Exclusive webinar + Live Q&A

July 24, 2024, Thursday
02:00 PM UTC  / 07:30 PM India Time

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Testing your Salesforce environment could be complex, time-consuming, and error-prone. Frequent Salesforce updates, complex DOM structure, hidden element identifiers, and difficult test maintenance can make it quite challenging. To solve these, we built 'Salesforce Test Automation by Testsigma'. It's completely low-code; lightning fast with metadata auto-sync; offers reliable tests with zero maintenance headaches.

Here we present this groundbreaking product tailored specifically for Salesforce enthusiasts like you - Salesforce Test Automation with Testsigma. Our mission is to empower Salesforce trailblazers with a tool that's not only lightning-fast but also incredibly intuitive, making test automation a breeze.

Join us for an exciting discussion on how to automate your Salesforce Testing with low-code and smart NLPs. 

Learn testing on the cloud with zero setups and how to ship faster with Testsigma's Salesforce Testing!



Introduction to Testsigma's Salesforce Test Automation

Challenges in the traditional testing setup
Testsigma's new age approach to solving them
Low-code and smart NLP features
Value Delivery


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