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Automate shift-left tests 10x faster with Testsigma’s low-code approach

Exclusive webinar + Live Q&A

 February 15, 2024
 2:00 PM UTC

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One of the breakthroughs in the world of QA is the concept of shift-left testing - testing early & frequently to identify bugs well in advance and fixing them proactively. The pace of digital adoption and reduced tolerance for poor application performance are the most compelling reasons why as a QA, automating shift-left tests should be on top of your priority checklist.

Join us for an exciting discussion on the essence of shift-left testing and best practices to build a scalable shift-left test automation strategy. Learn practical steps to automate shift-left tests from 0-1 without writing a single line of script



  • Introduction to shift-left testing
  • Shift-left testing basics - the do’s and don’ts
  • Introduction to low-code / scriptless shift-left test automation
  • Building a 0-1 shift-left test automation strategy with Testsigma
  • Dealing with regression cases in shift-left test automation
  • Building a scalable cross-platform, shift-left test for a B2B application
  • Q&A

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